Juvicsa Vela

Juvicsa Vela

Juvicsa is a powerful vocalist and songwriter. Her powerful vocals and expressive lyrical style bring new life to a blend of genres. Merging together elements of Pop, R&B, Latin Music, Rock, and even a hint of electronica with the depth of a poetic singer-songwriter,  Juvicsa’s deep, soulful vocals will sooth the heart and make it ache all in the same breath. 

Although heavily influenced by Sia, Evanescence, Adele, Brandi Carlile, Lady Gaga, and Heart, all of whom fueled her musical passion, Juvicsa will capture you with her own unique style, depth, and devotion for the music. Her vocal style ranges from soft heart-felt pop to high energy rock. Her amazingly wide range of controlled vocals resonates strongly in every performance. She has performed as a very prominent backing vocalist, but Juvicsa is, and always will be, her own band. She loves to write and is often working her creative muse at all hours of the day. Juvicsa is a hard working industry professional dedicated to her craft; she lives for the stage. Her creativity flows; hands on the keys – words through the mic. Getting the crowd going is her fuel and her reward.  

At the age of twelve, Juvicsa moved to Sweden where her passion for music developed into more than simply a hobby when she began taking piano lessons and soon enrolled in music school. In 2012, she moved to Hollywood, California to hone her skills at the Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music in the center Hollywood.  She currently resides in Reykjavik, Iceland adding inspiration from its culture to her library of sounds and ideas.

Juvicsa is focused on following her dreams, with strong support from her family, friends, and other musicians. Keep your eyes wide open for this amazing performer.

Juvicsa’s Eagerly Awaited Debut EP


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